A garden gate into a small yard at the corner of 19th and T in Washington, DC.

Washington, DC, isn’t a dense city even though it has its share of high rise apartment and office buildings. There are still pockets of small town homes, yards, gardens, and gates. A large office building, the Washington Hilton, and a new luxury apartment building are only a block away. But this particular garden gate in the Dupont Circle area stands against that metal and concrete. Behind it is the lush green of nature, though with a very human touch.

Along the same street, town homes have neatly groomed plots that might be a hundred square feet at most. Retirees, diplomatic staff, and young families care for these yards. Some have flowers. Some have metal frogs. There’s one with a US flag. And trees hang over the sidewalk giving shade in the bright sun. A blend of nature and humanity. So even in a busy city, you can find yourself in a quiet neighborhood away from the rush.



James Smith