The Jefferson Memorial as seen from across the tidal basin.

The Jefferson Memorial is one of the less accessible monuments in Washington, DC. It looks out over the Tidal Basin. Cherry trees line the walk around the basin, making it bright with pink blossoms in the spring. It looks like the Memorial sits all by itself, but others line the walk around the basin. The Franklin D. Roosevelt and Martin Luther King, Jr., memorials are clockwise around on the way to the Lincoln Memorial.

From the steps of the Memorial, you can look across the water and see the Washington Monument standing above the trees. Since it’s the tallest structure in the District, you can see it from almost anywhere. You can also see folk out on the Basin in paddle boats. Joggers running along the walkway. Tour groups rolling through on Segways.

At the time this photograph was made, the National Park Service was fixing up the place. But it was still open, and people were enjoying the visit. Because of how far it is, there isn’t the kind of crowd that you might find at some of the other memorials. Even though there are others around, you can take your time soaking up the atmosphere. So you can enjoy a slower pace. And a quiet place.



James Smith