An image showing the Smithsonian's American History Museum in Washington, DC.

The Smithsonian’s American History Museum focuses on the history of the United States. When I went there, it focused mostly on the Atlantic seaboard. I’m from Texas, so I was disappointed by its portrayal of the Southwest, but I still enjoyed the trip.

The building isn’t as fancy as some of the other Smithsonian buildings on the mall, so I was looking for interesting symmetries, such as how the trees stand against the inset/outset design of the wall. I also like the almost monochromatic look of the trees against the marble.



James Smith

I’m amazed at the number of free, quality cultural activities in the Washington, DC, area. If you’re ever in the city wondering what to do, head down to the Mall. Don’t bother deciding what you want to do until you get there. Wander around a bit and wait until one of the buildings catches your eye. Head in. You won’t be disappointed.