The lighthouse and associated buildings at Race Rocks Ecological Preserve.

The spring time is a good time to go out on the water in the Juan de Fuca Strait. Whales are feeding. Seals are lounging around. The weather is nice, and the water isn’t too choppy. Several companies run whale watching boat tours of the Strait. You’ll go from place to place and see some of the humpback whales and other marine life. The Race Rocks Marine Protected Area is one of the stops on these tours.

The Rocks give you a chance to see some seals, such as those in today’s photograph, as well as other wildlife. Eagles nest on some of the rocks. Gulls and other seabirds fly around. Although a few people are about working, the seals don’t seem to mind.

The boat operators are familiar with the area, so they know when to cut the engines and wait, or where they might need to give a pod of whales more room. So if you’re in the area and have a few hours, go for it.



James Smith