The facade of the building was almost finished when it caught the deep pink of the reflected sunset.

Sunsets in the Washington, DC, area aren’t bold. But this particular evening, the clouds were just right. The reflected sunset gives a smooth gradient from pink to deep blue in the glass. It was bold enough to make you stop and look. Fortunately, this isn’t a city of tall buildings. No skyscrapers. Buildings like this are some of the taller ones around, so when you get in a good spot, you can see quite a bit of the sky.

The building is the Hepburn, a new luxury apartment building going up on the grounds of the Washington Hilton near the Dupont Circle area. The same Hilton where John Hinkley, JR., shot President Reagan. It’s a stop on the bus tours, though there’s not much about the area that’s picturesque. It’s a mile or so away from downtown DC.



James Smith