The pattern of lines on an outside ceiling of the Silver Spring Library.

The Silver Spring Library, part of the Montgomery County library system, moved to a new building in downtown Silver Spring. Along with the library, new apartment and condominium buildings are under construction. The downtown area is home to Discovery Communications and NOAA, so along with restaurants and other small businesses, the place is booming.

The library isn’t near the Metro station. Instead, it’s about a half-mile away near the gentrified cultural center near the Silver Spring mall. It’s accessible to anyone visiting the farmer’s market or going ice skating in the winter. It’s a beautiful, modern building. The county made it a core part of society.

Most of us think of libraries as places for books, but libraries are really about collecting information and making it accessible. Instead of lots and lots of books, modern libraries have other ways to find information. So while the Silver Spring Library has floors of books, it also has a café and computers to access the web.

The front area of the library has space for the Purple Line. The area for the rails is concrete, grass, and boulders. It’s a bit artistic, but not what we’re looking at today. That’s the ceiling two stories above the walkway and covered with tiles. Together, the tiles form the pattern in today’s picture.



James Smith

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