The sunset over Dupont Circle while the lights come on in the neighborhood below.

The sunset over Dupont Circle was colorful this evening. The clouds reflect the reds of the sunlight against the deeper blue of the approaching night. Along the bottom, you can see the lights coming on in the neighborhood. If you look closely, you might be able to see an airplane as it leaves Washington National Airport.

Washington, DC, is an amazingly low city. It has limits on how tall a building can be. Generally, the height of a building is proportional to the width of the street. As a result, it’s easy to look out over the city without having to be very high. You can see the Washington Memorial from almost anywhere.

Washington is also not a very big city. The original district was ten miles square. Since part of it was returned to Virginia, it’s even smaller now. While taking the metro might make it feel like there are a lot of stops, they aren’t far apart. Looking out over the city, you can see things that are walkable. And they just might be a few metro stops away. During the height of summer, you want to take the metro. But when it’s cooler, it can be worth walking the streets.



James Smith