Privacy Policy

Many privacy policies are full of legal language. Rather than make you read a long document that you’ll skim over anyway, we’ll just outline a few things that we do. The “site” is this website ( and related pages). “You” are the reader and visitor to this site. “We” are CiviScape, LLC. Finally, we may change this privacy policy from time to time without prior notice, so check back once in a while.

Personally Identifying Information

We do not collect any personally identifying information except any information you might provide when:

  • commenting on a post,
  • filling out a contact form,
  • when making a purchase.

We don’t try to hide this collection. Rather, we try to be as obvious and above board as possible. We try to collect only enough to do what you ask us to do.

We do not sell or share personally identifying information. However, we may make it available to our partners as required to conduct our business in response to your requests. We will not spam or otherwise contact you unsolicited.


We don’t like sites with lots of ads. However, we may provide some innocuous advertising based on the site content. If you enable cookies, then our advertising partners may take your browsing history into account as well.

You may opt out of personalized advertisements.

If you create an account on the site, then we will use cookies to track your login session. If you would rather not have a cookie from the site, then do not create an account or log in.

Visit Information Collected

When you visit this site, we collect your IP address as seen by us, some information about your browser, the location within the site that you have requested, and, if you selected a link on another page, the location of that page. We use this information to ensure proper operation of the site. We do not sell or otherwise make this information available to anyone.